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MessageFlex IBM Message Queue Monitor & Notification Featured

MessageFlex IBM Message Queue Monitor & Notification

MessageFlex monitors for system and program messages sending notifications by e-mail, text message or instant message when they appear providing you with pro-active system management to to address before they can become problems.


  • Monitor any number of message queues for real time notification
  • Monitor for any message ID, message text, message type or message severity
  • Immediate message notification sent by e-mail, text message or instant message
  • Attach document to e-mail notifications, such as a “how to” document to fix the problem
  • Send notifications to individuals or a group
  • All native RPG software, SpoolFlex requires no additional hardware or custom programming
  • 100% Native IBM i Solution Compatible with Current IBM Operating Systems


The IBM Power Systems system messages do a great job telling you how the system is performing with if you are monitoring for them… but how can the system alert you if you are not at a console? MessageFlex can be your extra set of eyes. For a closer look, schedule an online demonstration, or request a free trial.


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