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Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices 1.0

Need professional-looking device emulators for creating professional-looking computer simulators or software interfaces for Pocket PC? Developing these components on your own and hiring a designer is likely to take a lot of time and will cost thousands of dollars. Why not use already existing solution to save time and cut costs? Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices is a library of meters, sliders, gauges, switches, toggles, dials, thermometers and other .NET Compact Framework components which emulate hardware devices. They are all 100% native .NET Framework managed components written in C#. In addition, all controls use double buffering to produce smooth animation and avoid flickering. With the look and feel of real-life hardware devices Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices is the natural choice for PDA software developers, especially, when you consider the fact that all device emulators are fully customizable and scalable. You can change orientation, size, color, font types, value range, number format and other properties of each component. Another advantage of this package is data binding feature - all properties can be bound to a data source of any kind. Conveniently, the library does not require any special designer or programmer skills or time spent studying documentation, which makes integrating Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices? components into other software applications a breeze. Source Code Edition is available. Best of all, Instrumentation Widgets for Mobile Devices can be redistributed with your apllications absolutely free of charge. Get your copy now!

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