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December 14, 2007 | Vol 6, Issue 49


In This Issue:
TechTip: Know the Drill!
>> Book Review: Java for RPG Programmers

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Know the Drill!

Enhance your DB2 Web Query reports by using drill-down capabilities.

By Gene Cobb


Hopefully, by now you've had a chance to install and use the new DB2 Web Query for System i tool. Hailed as the successor to the popular Query/400 product as the strategic System i query and reporting tool, DB2 Web Query can do things that Query/400 could only dream of. One of these advanced features is drill-down: the ability to select a column in a high-level (summary) report and click through (drill down) to show the next level of detail in another report.


Two types of drill-down capabilities can be implemented with DB2 Web Query:


·        Programmatic drill down—This requires developing at least two reports: a high-level summary report (also called the parent) and a detail report to link to (the child). The parent report contains the information necessary to link to the child report. The child report could in turn drill down to another linked report to reveal the next level of detail. Each new level of drill-down requires the creation or existence of another linked report.


Feature Article - TechTip
Book Review: Java for RPG Programmers

If you've been putting off learning Java, you have no excuse anymore!

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

Java for RPG Programmers has been popular for over a decade. This unique book manages to bridge the gap between the procedural nature of RPG and the sometimes mysterious world of Java and object-oriented programming (OOP). This Third Edition is a worthy entry in the book's history.


The problem for RPG programmers is that most Java books don't differentiate between application programming and system programming. Java has a dual nature: Java experts use the advanced features of the language to build system-level routines, and application programmers use those routines to build applications. Most RPG programmers need the latter explained in familiar terms.


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