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December 14, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 22


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• Easy to use by IT and end users

• Automated data access and display

• Comprehensive BI package: reports, tables, key performance indicators, and dashboards

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Feature Article - System Administration
Unlocking Your ROI for Power Systems Disaster Recovery

Organizations often view an investment in DR as insurance, but that perspective may blind them to the returns available from investments in advanced DR solutions.

jeff_ashmanWritten by Jeff Ashman

Expenditures on disaster recovery (DR) solutions are frequently considered a cost of doing business, not an investment. Or they may be viewed as insurance policies that, hopefully, will never be called on to pay out claims. From this perspective, it's difficult to justify more than the minimum expenditure that will provide "good enough," but not necessarily optimal, protection against losses due to a disaster.


Feature Article - System Administration
Simplifying the Management of IBM i Environments

IBM i provides a wealth of valuable system management information, but third-party tools are required to put it to effective use.

bill_hammondWritten by Bill Hammond

Editor's Note: This article is extracted from the white paper "Executive Overview: Simplifying the Management of IBM i Environments" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


Despite being one of the easiest systems to administer, IBM i is neither self-managing nor self-optimizing. Consequently, even a formerly well-tuned IBM i system may develop bottlenecks over time.


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