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December 21, 2007 | Vol 6, Issue 50


In This Issue:
TechTip: Easily Back Up Linux Hosts with Synbak
>> Book Review: SOA for the Business Developer

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Easily Back Up Linux Hosts with Synbak

Are you backed up? Linux backups couldn't be simpler if you use the open-source utility Synbak.

By Max Hetrick

One of the most common mistakes anyone can make is not having a quality backup of data available at their disposal. I know it only took me one instance of deleting something that I didn't have a copy of to implement some form of backup system. For home use, I back up my Linux laptop weekly onto an external USB disk and also nightly across the network onto a desktop system with a RAID 1 200G mirror using Synbak. This ensures I have more than one location to pull data from in case I get excited and delete something that I thought I didn't need access to again.


Feature Article - Career
Book Review: SOA for the Business Developer

If you want to know how SOA works in the real world, this is your book.

By Phil Law

There's a lot of hype and fanfare surrounding service-oriented architecture (SOA), but the authors of SOA for the Business Developer have obviously gotten their hands dirty participating in real-world SOA projects. The content of their book reflects that experience.


They begin by pointing out the simple truth that "SOA includes ideas that have been around for decades." Comparing and contrasting new concepts with old, familiar software design principles quickly brings the reader up to speed with the overarching principles of SOA.


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