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December 3, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 24


In This Issue:
IBM's Blue Cloud…It's More Than Vapor
>> A Year in the Life of Vision Solutions
>> Three Ways to Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Feature Article - Analysis
IBM's Blue Cloud... It's More Than Vapor

What does cloud computing have to do with the System i? It may be more than you could imagine.

Have you ever noticed how a passing cloud can sometimes be nothing more than a cloud, but at other times can be the start of a significant shift in the weather? That observation is an important one to apply to a recent announcement from IBM called Blue Cloud. Considering what sources close to the computer giant are saying, this is one cloud that could turn into a climate-altering experience for System i users.


Feature Article - Analysis
A Year in the Life of Vision Solutions

An interview with Nicolaas Vlok explores the rapid changes that catapulted Vision Solutions into the headlines.

This has been a very busy and exciting year for Vision Solutions, the software company located in Irving, California , and known for its high availability solutions.

First, al most exactly one year ago, Vision Solutions was acquired by the private equity investment firm of Thoma Cressey Bravo. Then, after a very short period of time, Vision merged with Utah-based competitor iTera. Even more recently, this last summer, Vision acquired its long-term riv al , Illinois-based Lakeview Technology.


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