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December 3, 2008 | Vol 7 Issue 23


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Programming
Are We There Yet? Find Out with the RPGLE Progress Bar

Eliminate user frustration by giving them feedback about long-running jobs.

mike_faust.jpgBy Mike Faust

If you've ever created an interactive application that processes a lot of data, and as a result runs for a long time, you've probably had situations where a user thought that the application was hung. While your first instinct might be to go into a long explanation of how applications on the System i don't "hang" like Windows applications do, there is another option. Giving simple user feedback for situations like this can help prevent the perception that your code is inefficient and takes too long. In this article, we'll examine how to do this with a simple RPGLE subprocedure.


Feature Article - Programming
The Unglamorous Science of Software Maintenance

Big gains can be realized by focusing on what RPG programmers actually do.

steve_kilner.jpgBy Steve Kilner

For the past few decades, while software development has traveled through a long list of new languages and methodologies, a lesser-known journey has been underway: seeking to maintain all the software already created. In the field of software maintenance, an important discipline, often labeled "program comprehension," has developed.


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