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February 1, 2012 | Volume 11 Issue 3


TOP STORY: Practical RPG: Handling Abnormal Termination in Servers
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IntelliChief Document Management Goes Mobile
WHITE PAPER: IBS and IBM Optimize ERP for Midmarket Distributors
FORUM: Get the Day of the Week, Full Text Date Values, and More Within RPG Using SQL
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Programming - RPG
Practical RPG: Handling Abnormal Termination in Servers

One of the hard parts of any server-based architecture is knowing when your server has been canceled; this article shows you how to address that.

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

I saw an email message in the mailing lists the other day about the old standby for termination, the scope message. Scope messages are cool; using the QMHSNDSM API, you can identify a program to call when the job or call stack entry ends, and I'll address that another time. But I really like the CEERTX API. CEERTX is the ILE version of the concept and allows you to identify a procedure to be called if your call stack entry is terminated.


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On-demand Webinar: What’s New in Profound UI 4.5

Profound UI 4.5 is here, and this on-demand Webinar with IBM Champion Scott Klement gives you a front-row seat to see it in action!

Watch now and discover what the latest release of Profound Logic’s groundbreaking IBM i application and modernization suite has to offer, including:

-       A new open-source development framework that eliminates vendor lock in

-       SQL Security and parameter markers

-       Enhancements to the Visual Designer, new chart features, and more!

Watch the On-demand Webinar >>


Programming - SQL
Prompted SQL DDL Creation

Not familiar with SQL CREATE TABLE syntax? No problem! There's a really easy way to create SQL DDL (Data Definition Language) statements.

sam_lennonWritten by Sam Lennon

IBM i developers are becoming more comfortable exploiting the power of SQL to retrieve and manipulate data. We regularly use the workhorse SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements and can bang them out quickly with minimal syntax errors. Defining tables, indexes, constraints, and the like occurs less frequently, and consequently we are much less accomplished in the syntax.


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