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February 13, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 3 


In This Issue:

>> AD Repackaging in V6R1
>> Understand How to Address Current Compliance Regulations

>> Partner TechTip: Do You Have Too Many *ALLOBJ Profiles?

Feature Article - Programming
AD Repackaging in V6R1

A lot will change in V6R1, and perhaps the biggest change will be in the way you pay for your development tools.

By Joe Pluta

Welcome to the brave new world. The old tier-based model that we have been used to and that IBM was actually moving us toward in recent releases is now gone. Instead, IBM has wholly embraced the user-based pricing model rampant in the industry, even though there's not even a consensus on what constitutes a user (I'll get into that a little bit more a little later).


Feature Article - Security
Understand How to Address Current Compliance Regulations

In this article, Carol Woodbury discusses the issues surrounding compliance as well as items to address to remain in compliance.

By Carol Woodbury

I wish I had a magic formula for ensuring that your organization's security configuration was in compliance. Unfortunately, it's just not that easy. It seems that there's at least a slight twist to every organization's compliance implementation. This article endeavors to provide guidelines for you to use to determine how best to attain and remain in compliance.


Advertorial - Help/Systems
"Real-Time" Virus Protection
Learn about the next generation of virus protection for your iSeries system.

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