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February 14, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 3


TOP STORY: Linux Apps You'll Love!
FEATURED ARTICLE: Is the Cloud Right for You?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Helps Organizations Secure Vulnerable Smartphones, Meters, and More
WHITE PAPER: Business Continuity Today Ch.11: Is the Cloud Right for You?
FORUM: How Hard Are Web Languages, Anyway?
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Feature Article - Operating Systems
Linux Apps You'll Love!

Finding the apps you want or need used to be challenging. Not anymore!

barry_klineWritten by Barry L. Kline

I have been writing about the benefits of Linux in business for over a decade. Web serving (simple pages and Web services), spam control, email distribution, integration with a Windows network—these are all fairly trivial to implement. UNIX and UNIX-like (e.g., Linux) operating systems have been handling infrastructure tasks since the early '80s, and for many IT managers, this long history has led to the typecasting of UNIX, in the same vein as Leonard Nimoy is typecast as his famous "Spock" character. This isn't to say that UNIX holds the same position in scientific circles, where it has historically been the operating system of choice for servers and workstations. But for the business types who typically use the iSeries in a network with Windows desktops, *nix is just part of the plumbing, much like our i5 is plumbing to the kids coming into IT who think that the world revolves around Microsoft. (Yeah, I'm old enough to call 'em kids).


Feature Article - Disaster Recovery
Is the Cloud Right for You?

Leveraging cloud platforms where they make the most sense is a matter of careful evaluation as well as proper migration.

Written by Vision Solutions, Inc.

Editor's Note: The following article is taken from the publication, Business Continuity Today Ch. 11: Is the Cloud Right for You? available for download free from the MC Press White Paper Center.


Many concepts in modern technology evolve so quickly that those involved in the creation of the technologies may not even notice that a new platform has been born out of their work. The cloud is such a platform. What started years ago in the field of hypervisor-based virtualization technologies is evolving into the ability to produce computer resources, in multiple physical locations, that act as if they were part of the local network that end-users and middleware applications are attached to.


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