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February 22, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 4


TOP STORY: Web Development: Are You Using the Best Tools for Your Environment?
FEATURED ARTICLE: Overcoming the Challenges of Mixed RPG and .NET Development
MORE NEWS: CCSS Partners with Uptime Software
WHITE PAPER: Using Microsoft .NET to Build Scalable Enterprise IBM i Applications
FORUM: Considering the World Beyond WebSphere

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Feature Article - Programming
Web Development: Are You Using the Best Tools for Your Environment?

So many tools…how do you choose the one that's best for you?

duncan_kenzieWritten by Duncan Kenzie

If you are embarking on a new Web development project, the first decisions you need to make are the platform and the technology. Let's assume you are committed the IBM i platform. (You should be! It's secure, scaleable, reliable, and totally capable of hosting the most modern Web apps.) So the next choice is technology. That choice has been made easier for us in the last three years, with the advent of native PHP support on the IBM i platform.


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If you’re like most enterprises, you need to transfer information faster, store it on more devices, share it with more partners and protect it like never before. As an IBM i shop, you need a secure, reliable file transfer solution that runs natively on i Series and AS/400 systems.

In 10 minutes, we invite you to learn how nuBridges Exchange i is architected for and written to run natively on the IBM i. And to provide best practices in managed file transfer. From centralized visibility and management to audit logging, tracking, monitoring and advanced search.

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Feature Article - Programming
Overcoming the Challenges of Mixed RPG and .NET Development

Can Windows and IBM i live in application development harmony?

david_braultWritten by David Brault

Editor's note: This article is an extract from the white paper titled "Using Microsoft .NET to Build Scalable Enterprise IBM i Applications" available free at the MC Press White Paper Center.


Over the last decade, we've watched Microsoft technology shift from running on the fringe of our IBM i enterprise to being intertwined, creating a ripple effect across what we need to integrate with, synchronize with, and monitor on a daily business. As the number of companies running both IBM i and Microsoft hardware continues to grow, so does the number of IT shops struggling to integrate these disparate platforms. In a world of synchronized data, data conflicts and unprotected access to DB2 from Windows applications can make us feel like we are losing control.


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