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February 25, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 4


In This Issue:

>> Is IBM Truly Committed to Open Source?
>> Software That Depicts Real-Time Events in Three Dimensions May Offer Distinct Advantages 

Sponsor - Help/Systems
iTM 02-25-2008 Text 1
SEQUEL™ provides a quick and easy way to access and present the information in your IBM® System i™ databases. From simple ad hoc queries to executive dashboards to drill-down data analysis, SEQUEL delivers the System i data you need in the format you choose. SEQUEL is more than another query and reporting product; it’s a tool you can rely on to meet all your System i data access requirements. Request more information or a FREE 30-day trial.

Feature Article - Operating Systems
Is IBM Truly Committed to Open Source?
The answer appears to be a resounding "yes."

By Barry L. Kline

Open-source software (OSS) was the purview of hackers and other "computer radicals" when I was first introduced to its wonders. Back then, forward-thinking geeks smuggled OSS into corporate America, where it was put to good use for replacing Windows file/print servers and for intranet/Internet infrastructure. Installing OSS had to be a clandestine operation, given that the pointy-hair management types were unwilling to believe that a free product could perform as well as, if not better than, the proprietary software it was destined to replace. Thus, there was little or no management buy-in (pun intended) or approval for its utilization.


Sponsor - T.L. Ashford & Associates
iTM 02-25-2008 Text 2
T.L. Ashford is “The Labeling Answer”® for the System i.
Ashford's Barcode400 has been the dependable choice for the industry since 1983. With Barcode400's newly enhanced Graphic Designer no “green screen” interaction is needed for label design. New features include: AFP/HP-compatible printing, easy-to-use graphics import tool, test print to desktop printer, simple font download tool, updated drivers and format listing reports. Even compliance labeling is made easy with design templates. Call 800-541-4893 to order a FREE DEMO CD or visit us at  T.L. Ashford & Associates.


Feature Article - System Administration
Software That Depicts Real-Time Events in Three Dimensions May Offer Distinct Advantages

IBM announces new 3-D technologies that promise to reduce costs and help better manage energy resources.

By Chris Smith

One of the greatest compromises humans have had to accept (other than our inability to fly) is having to watch replicated images in two dimensions (i.e., pictures, movies, and TV).


For some reason, which may date back to the Spanish Inquisition and threats of expressing our deeper beliefs, we have told ourselves that two-dimensional images are just fine and, if we could just see them in color, or just see them a little sharper, then we would feel quite happy-perhaps even blessed.


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