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February 27, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 4


In This Issue:

>> IBM Virtualization Manager 1.2: Making the Complex World of Virtualization Easy
>> Character Conversion APIs

Feature Article - System Administration
IBM Virtualization Manager 1.2: Making the Complex World of Virtualization Easy

System virtualization just got a whole lot easier.

By Tony Erwin and Dan Moravec

Virtualization is one of the most discussed topics in enterprise management today. The promises are great, but the prospect of managing the technology can be daunting to systems administrators. Those scared to jump into the world of virtualization can rest easier with the release of IBM Virtualization Manager 1.2. IBM Virtualization Manager is an extension to IBM Director that allows users to discover, visualize, and manage both physical and virtual systems from a single console. It provides a Web-based user interface that you reach via a well-known port on a running IBM Director server. Ease of use was one of the top priorities during development, and that attention to user needs can be seen in such features as these:


Feature Article - Programming
Character Conversion APIs

If you search the 'net for ways to uppercase character data, you can find some really bad methods. But here's a really good one.

By Bruce Vining

Over the years, I have lost count of the number of times I have seen this question posed: "How do I uppercase character data?" And while the responses that I see on the Internet are getting better, I continue to see suggested "solutions" like the horrible "set the second bit on for each byte found in the range of a to z" (as shown in Figure 1) or the minimally correct "use the RPG %xlate function" (as shown in Figure 2). This first "solution" appears to work in a very restricted environment but has side effects, due to the EBCDIC collating sequence, that are not obvious. For instance, replace the value "Some character data" for variable CharData with the string "Some currency data like €100" and you will find that the Euro symbol € is "uppercased" to a symbol such as ÿ. Probably not the desired answer! The second "solution," though avoiding side effects such as the Euro being incorrectly "capitalized," does not support the full range of lowercase alphabetic characters (more on this a bit later).


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