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February 8, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 2


TOP STORY: Harnessing the Power of Control Language Programming for IBM i
FEATURED NEWS: OAGi Launches Mobile Business Initiative
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: ICS FormSprint Now Supports QR Codes
FORUM: jQuery Plug-in for Fixed Header Tables
MC STORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles
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Feature Article - Programming
Harnessing the Power of Control Language Programming for IBM i

Learn how to execute commands in batch using SBMJOB in this excerpt from the MC Press book Control Language Programming for IBM i.

jim_buckWritten by Jim Buck, Bryan Myers, and Dan Riehl

The SBMJOB (Submit Job) CL command lets you submit a batch job to a job queue. This command has many parameters, but in its simplest form it is expressed as follows:


SBMJOB CMD(CL-command)


Once you have submitted a batch job, you are allowed little or no interaction with the job. For example, a batch job normally does not display a screen on your workstation and wait for your input. You can, however, monitor the progress of your batch job using the WRKSBMJOB (Work with Submitted Jobs) command. Batch processing typically is used for long-running jobs that require no workstation input, such as those that produce printed reports or process many transactions. A batch job is entirely separate from the job that submitted it, with its own call stack and its own main storage requirements.


Featured News
OAGi Launches Mobile Business Initiative

OAGi has announced it has launched a Mobile Business Initiative to improve the ability of enterprises to extend their business data interoperability all the way to the edges of their organizations. OAGi will do this by adding technology to the OAGIS standard to better support mobile business and cloud computing and to provide support for Java Script Object Notation (JSON), the most common data expression technology in this new and growing area of business solutions.


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