Many vendors write and distribute case studies that illustrate how customers use and benefit from the vendors' products and services. That's not new, but <a href="">Vision Solutions</a> has taken a novel approach to creating case studies that is much more lively than the traditional text-based versions.

Vision sends Flip Digital Video Cameras and a few questions to customers willing to produce video testimonials. The customers then set up the cameras and tell their stories. When they are done, the customers send their videos to Vision and keep the cameras.

The result is customer stories that are told with a very down-to-earth, real-world feel.

You can find the Vision Solution video testimonials in either of two places. The <a href="">Case Studies</a> page on Vision Solutionís Web site contains a list of available case study documents. Below some of the listed case studies youíll also find a "watch video" link.

Vision has also created a <a href="">Youtube channel</a> that contains the video testimonials and some entertaining promotional videos. <b>-- Joel Klebanoff</b>