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  • MMAIL message log

    MMAIL is an open-source free utility for IBM System i . It provides a number of ways for sending e-mail messages from your IBM System i. See http://www.easy40.net/mmail start .
    ================================================== ======

    Several installers of the MMAIL utility in the past months did contact me, asking for some tool that would log all the outgoing e-mail messages from the utility.
    This is a very reasonable requirement from companies relying on e-mail messages for some part of their business.

    To be honest, there is no way (apart from "certified mail", not yet supported, as far as I know, on System i) to make sure that a piece of mail did reach a receiver and that it was opened.

    Having thought about this requirement, I've come to the conclusion that the best way to have a log, is a client log.

    Imagine that any message out of MMAIL is blank (blind) copied to a given e-mail address. As a result, this "blind" receiver will get a copy of any message out of this "system". By doing this, there are a number of advantages. The client e-mailer, Outlook or what you have, provides for sorting, scanning, etc., the received messages, much better than any RPG program would perhaps do. It's no cost, it's already there.

    This could solve another issue. As you know, incoming messages can be filtered according to their resulting SPAM level. As an example, my own e-mail account has a SPAM filter set to 3.0. It means that messages with a SPAM level over 3.0 are not delivered into the incoming mail basket, they go instead into the SPAM basket and - unless you do something special- you would never know that you received them.
    Now, messages from MMAIL are assigned a SPAM level from the ISP servicing your e-mail account. Though you may not know it, a SPAM filter level is assigned to your account. Messages with a SPAM level higher than allowed do not come to your incoming mail basket.
    Well then.
    You could define to MMAIL a number of "blind" copy receivers, each with a different SPAM level filter. In this way you could have several outgoing MMAIL message logs and be able to find out whether a given message was not received because of its SPAM level.

    Coming now to crude facts.
    In August 16, 2010 MMAIL release you will find a new command, named WRKMDTBC (Work with Mandatory Blank Copies), see http://www.easy400.net/mmailh/othutils.htm#10a , that allows you to define a number of "blind" receivers of whatever message is out from MMAIL.
    It would then be your job to define, at your ISP, the SPAM level filter for such "blind" receivers.

    Hope this helps the many who wanted such a service be made available.

    Giovanni B. Perotti
    MMAIL developer
    Easy400.net owner