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  • Populating fields....

    I am trying to accomplish this: I have three enterable lines for delivery instructions. I am adding a Message Code field which is 3 characters long, when something is entered in this field (message code field), it chains to a file and brings in the description for the message code. I need to determine which line I should CAT this description to. If I have Delivery Instruction Line #1 full and I check Line #2 and it is not full, I need to put the Message Code Description on the end of line #2, if it does not all fit, put what is remaining in Line #3. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to accomplish this? I am thinking with an array but I figured there had to be something easier...Any suggestions??? Thanks.

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    Populating fields....

    If you're not worried about word breaks (that is, if you can have a word break at the end of the line and be continued on the following line), then it's pretty simple to do with a data structure. Define a data structure that has all three display fields, one after the other. Define a single chaacter field over all three (or just use the data structure name). Then, after getting the data, simply concatenate the retrieved decsription onto the end of the data structure. Joe