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There's a difference...

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  • There's a difference...

    Robert, Huh? Do you know how many lawsuits are involved when a Wal Mart comes to town. The Wal Mart in nearby Simi Valley was in litigation for years before they built their store. The voters voted against the Wal Mart, the city planners turned them down numerous times all to no avail. Wal Mart was not wanted by the vast majority. Wal Mart came in bullied their way around and eventually moved in, while the local folks are out millions in litigation and public monies. I have read accounts of this happening all over America. Their tactics were especially devious since they started out in "small town America" where they could either dupe the locals or bully them into submission. Many local businesses dried up as a result. Now that the huge flywheel is spinning they're starting to move toward larger cities. They've attacked Los Angeles by going to the outer suburbs. Have you been in a Wal Mart? If they have a concern for excellence, it isn't in the stores. They certainly have no concern for the local community either. Yes they donate thousands to local schools, but that doesn't counteract the millions that local cities have spent in vain to keep them out. chuck Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer. "Robert Dean" wrote in message news:3dc41295.1@WebX.WawyahGHajS... | The difference between Netscape/Microsoft and Wal-Mart/K-Mart is that Wal-Mart was in pursuit of excellence, and achieved it. They weren't looking to sick the dogs on K-Mart. | | Microsoft couldn't get its way through excellence (how could you call bug-ridden, security-lax bloatware "excellent"?), so they signed exclusive agreements with ISPs, OEMs, and others to position their browser. They also gave it away for free at a time when Netscape was relying upon income from selling Navigator (were this an import/export situation, it'd be termed "dumping" -- selling product below cost to drive away competition), sapping it of the strength necessary to maintain its position.

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    There's a difference...

    Wal-Mart bullying its way into a community and Wal-Mart smooshing K-Mart are two different topics. I agree with you completely on the former.