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Hanging 5250 Emulation sessions

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  • Hanging 5250 Emulation sessions

    (AS/400 720 OS/400 V4.5) My environment is mainly remote, including RF-barcode scanners in a warehouse. Re-booting our scanners is cumbersome and often RF-communications will not start. To satisfy the scanners (and warehouse people), 4 system values were set as follows: TCP Keepalive: (CHGTCPA)/TCPKEEPALV value = 40328 (max of 28 days) ARP Cache : (CHGTCPA)/ARPTIMO value = 1440 (24 hrs) Session keep alive : (CHGTELNA/TIMMRKTIMO) value = 86400 (24hrs) Inactive job time-out: (WRKSYSVAL/QINACTITV) value = *none (no check) The scanners do not time out now(great!), but neither do Client Access sessions. This means that when a Client Acc. user closes his job by clicking the "X" on the window or if a PC re-boot needs to be done, the session never terminates. This then means that the user cannot re-start that session unless IT manually cancels the job (via WRKACTJOB/4 End *immed). We use named devices so that we can easily track which location a job was started from. Is there a way to control individual time-out values so that we can override system wide values? I would want to set PC user sessions to time-out faster but the scanners not. Any ideas? Peter

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    Hanging 5250 Emulation sessions

    Hi, Check this system value: QDSCJOBITV (Time interval before disconnected jobs end) The related help is: " Time interval before disconnected job ends. Specifies the length of time in minutes an interactive job can be disconnected before it is ended. An interactive job can be disconnected with the DSCJOB command, when it has been inactive for an interval of time (the system values QINACTIV and QINACTMSGQ), or when an I/O error occurs at the interactive job's work station (the system value QDEVRCYACN)."