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Glad I asked.........

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  • Glad I asked.........

    Joe, I've had numerous candidates say that the interview with me was one of the most interesting and intriguing interviews they've ever experienced. I must admit that I didn't always know how to interview people. I always felt it was a crap shoot and didn't know the art of controlling an interview. However, in my early management years when I worked for St. Ives Laboratories, I had a great mentor that spent a lot of time training management on how to do an interview. We spent 4 hours per week for a year in his class "Understanding Personalities." He taught the DISC theory proposed by Eduard Spranger. While this class was geared to helping us understand each other to improve the working environment, he spent a chunk of time near the end show us how to use this knowledge to work in interviews. The biggest benefit is that he used to also teach this on the weekends and my wife and I attended it together. It made a marked difference in our marriage for the better. It also gave me a clear insight into my own personalities and motivations. Sometimes that can be hard to face. Someday, ask me about the "elephant question" that I ask in every interview. chuck Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer. "Joe Wells" wrote in message news:1e94f3b7.22@WebX.WawyahGHajS... > Chuck, > > Thank you for responding. My initial reaction to your post was that if I felt I was being antagonized during an interview, I would leave and never look back - I have enough self confidence to know that I do not have to work in an environment like that. > > > However, your second post altered this initial reaction somewhat. I do not think I would have a problem being interviewed in such a manner , but it would all depend upon how the interviewer presented him/herself (and if it was a "good" or "bad" day for me!). > > > At any rate, if you and your employees are happy, that is all that matters right? > > > Joe > >

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    Glad I asked.........

    ok, what's the elephant question....