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Problem with Netscape Browser

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  • Problem with Netscape Browser

    We are using a net.data macro that contains HTML to build a web page using frames. When the page is accessed with a Netscape browser, we get the message from the server that the browser does not support frames. We have tried various versions of the Netscape browser and get the same message regardless of the version. We have other pages with frames on the IIS HTTP server that Netscape can access just fine. Is there an AS/400 PTF available to take care of this problem?? By the way, if I use the IE browser to access this page on the 400, it works just fine.

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    Problem with Netscape Browser

    Hi Gary, When you said the message is from the server, does it give you a error code of 500 series then follow by the message? I don't think the HTTP server would care whether your browser support frame or not. That is up to the browser to display the message if you use NOFRAMES tag inside a FRAMESET tag to provide the alternative content for browser that cannot display frame. As far as it works with IE but not in Netscape, that lead me to think you may have some miss match or missing end tag for frameset or frame tag somewhere. Browsers are strange display device or file, some can handle imperfect code and some just don't. Shawn