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Disabling F22 Key on WRKSPLF command

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  • Disabling F22 Key on WRKSPLF command

    There was an article on how to disable the F22 key on the WRKSPLF command in one of the 400 magazines sometime within the last 5 - 7 years. Can anyone help identify the article (magazine, date) or give a solution? I have read the recent responses that have been sent that deal with the authority to WRKWTR. I am looking for another solution. Thank you.

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    Disabling F22 Key on WRKSPLF command

    Nora, Take a look at the List Spooled Files (QUSLSPL) API, with the information made available from this API it would be possible to make a panel(subfile type display) that lists a users spool files and it could be made to look very much like the wrksplf display, With the 'wrksplf' display in a program, you would have total conrol over what options and function keys(f22), if any, were allowed to be executed from that screen, you would not have to mess around with the authority of any commands like dltsplf,wrkwtr,.... I have used this api to display a screen very similar to the 'wrkoutq' display, and it should not be too hard to do it for a user id. In the company I work for now the users have the 'wrksplf' display so they manage their own reports, but, I think this is a big accident waiting to happen, from this screen, the way we have it now users can use the F22 key, change the outq on their spool files and send them to a printer who knows where, they can also put a 4 by the spool file and delete it(then say the computer never ran their job),..... Hope this helps out.