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Prestart jobs and swapping profiles...Questions

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  • Prestart jobs and swapping profiles...Questions

    I'am using the swap group profile on the prestart job QZDASOSIGN, when this job is used the Server program must swap the QUSER profile. ************************************************** ************************** Job 368154/QUSER/QZDASOINIT started on 23/01/01 at 04:24:28 in subsystem QSERVER in QSYS. Job entered system on 23/01/01 at 04:24:28. Servicing user profile LDUVAL. ************************************************** ************************** The first thing our program will do is add a supl group to the users profile, set the profile handle, then remove the supl group from the users profile. The application will start after the profile hanlde is set. Questions 1) Should I have a routine at the end of the application which will release the handle? 2) If the job ends abnormally or if the PC hangs and the Pc has to be rebooted, what will the prestart job do with the handle? 3) Should I call the handles by job#, and release the handle when the prestart job is used again? 4) What happens when a user stops using a prestart job like QZDASOSIGN?

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    Prestart jobs and swapping profiles...Questions

    Claris, A profile handle is only valid in the job where it is generated. Any handles that exist when the job ends will automatically be destroyed by the system. There are a maximum number of profile handles that a job may have at any one time. Therefore, if the job will be recycled to perform other work it would be best for it to release the handle so that the job does not reach that maximum. Ed Fishel