TechTip: New Function Resolution Casting Rules for DB2

They may be obscure, but they're definitely not to be overlooked.

kent milligan 117x117Written by Kent Milligan

My recent article on the DB2 for i 7.2 release highlighted some of the more noteworthy database enhancements in the latest IBM i release. There wasn't room in the previous article to discuss all of the DB2 enhancements, so in this article you'll learn about a smaller DB2 improvement known as function resolution casting rules.

TechTip: Suggestions for DB2 for i Code Quality Testing

Prepare to put your DB2 SQL code "through the ringer" to ensure it's ready for prime time.

Written by Michael Sansoterra

Typically, developers love writing new code. And while an application is new and business rules are fresh in the mind, it's generally pleasurable to enhance code as change requests meander in. But after the years roll on, and business requirements are forgotten, and complex code looks unfamiliar, then maintaining the code can get downright ugly. How does one know an obscure business rule wasn't violated when changing code?   It's usually not until code has been moved into production that the misery starts after a bug rears its ugly head.

Modifying a Subfile: Change Is Good, Part 2

We started some good stuff in Part 1. Now, let's look at more.

kevin vandeverWritten by Kevin Vandever

Editor's Note: This article is an excerpt from the book Subfiles in Free-Format RPG.


In Part 1, I introduced a technique for modifying data files using subfiles, showing you the DDS and sample screen to let a user update, add, and delete from a name file. In Part 2, we move on to the RPG code.

In the Wheelhouse: The Little POWER8 That Could...Almost

When apps attack, memory is the weakest link.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

IBM announced the new 4-core POWER8 S814 on June 10. While the new P05 iron works well for many shops, I think a lot of customers could benefit from added memory capabilities if IBM were able to do it.


Back when IBM announced the first round of POWER8 boxes in April, a number of people were wondering where the true SMB box was. By SMB, I mean in the P05 software tier. Most of the IBM i on Power Systems market is around the P05 size, small machines with a couple of cores running the small side of the small-to-medium businesses. Those are the IBM i bread and butter customers right there.

Practical RPG: Using Data Queues, Part 1

This article moves past the basics of data queues to the practical application of these lightweight communication marvels.

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

In previous articles on data queues and on keyed data queues, I presented the basics of how to create them and how to program for them. I went into some detail about the commands used to manage data queues and the RPG code required to access them. In these next articles, I'm going to go a slightly different direction and present you with the actual business case for using data queues in a robust multi-user (and even multi-platform) architecture.



Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager V4.0.7 Helps Simplify the Development of Complex Products

IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager enhances the Rational solution for systems and software engineering by enabling you to visualize, analyze, and organize systems product engineering data coming from many tools.

Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management V4.0.7 Enhances Software/Systems Delivery Transformation

IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management V4.0.7 delivers the combined capabilities of Version 4.0.7 of Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, and Rational Quality Manager.

Rational Programming Patterns V9.1 for Linux and Windows

Accelerate the transition to the Rational Software Delivery Platform.

IBM Announces $3B Research Project to Tackle Chip Grand Challenges for Cloud and Big Data Systems

Scientists and engineers to push limits of silicon technology to 7 nanometers and below and create post-silicon future.

IBM Mobile Customer Engagement Solution Delivers a Stand-Alone Solution for Mobile Products

Mobile products previously announced under IBM Marketing Center are moved to Mobile Customer Engagement and renamed to reflect the new packaging.

IBM Storwize V5000 and Storwize V7000 Deliver New Drive Options for High-Performance Environments

The following drives are now available on IBM Storwize V5000:

Access Documents via Smartphone or Tablet with LaserVault DMS10 Document Management Solution

Anywhere anytime access to critical digital documents supports the needs of a growing mobile workforce.



Configuring IBM i iSeries Access Server to Use SSL

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