TechTip: A Primer on Payment Security

If you handle credit card payment data in your company, you're probably familiar with the Payment Card Industry Council. But they're no longer the only game in town. Maybe it's time to look at the broad issues.

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

If you handle credit card payments in your company, you know that PCI compliance has been the gold standard for the last decade. And if you've been paying any attention lately, you know that Apple Pay was announced in October 2014 and is getting a lot of press as being the future of electronic payments.

The CL Corner: Enhancing WRKQRY Reports the Easy Way

Let's look more uses of the RUNSQL CL command.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining

I recently received a note asking if there was a way to add the day of week to query reports generated by the IBM Query for i (5770-QU1) product. That is, take a current report containing dates as shown below:

My Three Coolest jQuery Plugins for Mobile Apps

This article is designed to get you interested in using jQuery, using plugins, and being a better developer for your customers, users, and bosses.

jan jorgensenWritten by Jan Jorgensen

As I've mentioned a few times before, I like a web interface that acts like a real interfaceyou know, applications written in C, Objective-C, or Java. This is something that RPG, in my opinion, is really missing, and it doesn't seem that IBM will ever change the language to be a real "web" language.


So if you're sitting at your IBM i and wanting to create an application running in a web browser, what can you do?

Microsoft LightSwitch Web Apps and DB2 for i

Use LightSwitch and a SQL Server proxy to build DB2 for i-based web apps.

Written by Michael Sansoterra

In my TechTip "Build Web Apps with the Flip of a LightSwitch", I introduced Microsoft LightSwitch and discussed how it can be used to build mobile-friendly web applications. Because it's a rapid application development (RAD) tool, the increased productivity of churning out simple applications and maintenance screens makes LightSwitch an attractive tool, even for developers who don't have much experience with .NET or web development.

Data Security in a Nebulous World

What's safer? The cloud or your own IBM i?

paul keyesWritten by Paul Keyes

Nobody understands the cloud. That's a common joke amongst IT professionals. It's often spoken tongue in cheek about laymen consumers uploading selfies by the millions as they constantly sync their devices without a clue in the world about what's actually happening to their data. While the concept of cloud-based data may confuse most consumers, two groups of people actually do thoroughly understand how the cloud works: the IT professionals who build and maintain the droves of servers on which all of our data is stored, and the hackers who spend their every waking moment trying to break into them.

When Management Turns Its Back on Security: The Business Effects

Something is preventing management from understanding the need to secure its electronic data.

Written by SkyView Partners

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "When Management Turns Its Back on Security: The Business Effects" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


One of the great mysteries as we walk into an IBM i shop is the lock on the computer room door. Often, when we first start consulting engagements, we are given a tour of the facility, and inevitably it includes a tour of the "raised floor" computer room, outfitted with expensive air-handling equipment and protected by a door that requires specific authorization to enter. The mystery is that, while all this expensive hardware needs physical protection, the company's most valuable assets are wide open to people who don't need access to them.



IBM Connections Files Cloud Makes Sharing Files Easy, Safe, and Secure for Your Company

IBM Connections Cloud provides cloud-delivered online technologies for businesses that combine social networking and online collaboration, messaging, and web conference tools.

Security SiteProtector System SP4001 Appliance Helps Securely Manage Network Sensors

IBM Security SiteProtector System delivers capabilities for management of IBM security agents across the entire organization.

XIV Storage System Gen3 and XIV Cloud Storage for Service Providers V11.5.1 Announcements

IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 and IBM XIV Cloud Storage for Service Providers V11.5.1 deliver support for 6 TB self-encrypted drives and VMware Virtual Volumes.

IBM Reports 2014 Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Results

IBM announced fourth-quarter 2014 diluted earnings from continuing operations of $5.54 per share, compared with diluted earnings of $5.76 per share in the fourth-quarter of 2013, a decrease of 4 percent.

IBM Makes Announcements About Kenexa

Kenexa Learn on Cloud and Kenexa Talent Frameworks are included.

IBM DB2 Offerings Add Business Value to Applications

Offerings include IBM DB2 Encryption, IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity, IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory, and IBM DB2 Performance Management.

Profound Logic and ARCAD Partner to Offer Businesses a Comprehensive IBM i Modernization Solution

Profound Logic Software and ARCAD Software today announced a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end modernization solutions for businesses that use the IBM i platform.

m-Power Enhanced to Create Web Services

Software developer mrc announces new web services capabilities within m-Power.

IBM Makes Multiple z/OS Announcements

Announcements include COBOL, new functionality, Linux, performance, and much more.



Security Admin Tasks - Examining the Audit Journal

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