SQL 101: Date-Related Functions, Part 1—Converting Almost Anything to a Date, Time, or Timestamp

This subseries will cover the main date- and time-related functions SQL has to offer, providing examples of possible applications of this interesting and useful set of scalar functions.

rafael victoria preiraWritten by Rafael Victória-Pereira

I’ll start by showing how to convert other data types to Date, Time, and Timestamp data. Handling dates and times in RPG has always been a pain. It’s true that the new-ish BIFs help a lot, but apparently simple tasks such as determining the day of the week of a given date or finding out when will the next Monday occurs require loads of RPG code to implement. SQL offers a very interesting set of scalar functions that can really help when it comes to handling date-related data.

Book Review: Free-Format RPG IV, Third Edition

Jim Martin comes through for us again.

joe plutaReviewed by Joe Pluta

Some time ago, I had the privilege of reviewing Jim Martin’s Functions in Free-Format RPG IV, and I was immediately struck by how Jim can take a complex subject and make it accessible to IBM i programmers. His newest book, Free-Format RPG IV, Third Edition, carries on that tradition wonderfully.

Budget Dollars Can Be Skin Deep

You won't change user perceptions if the UI stinks.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

My company is going through a wholesale ERP migration. At this point, we've gone live with accounts payable and general ledger of a new ERP system that runs side by side with the traditional RPG-based green-screen applications. It's a bit of a process of course, moving it piecemeal. Some things can go easily. Some take a bit more work. With that being said, it's amazing how many times I hear the word “iSeries” in the run of a week.

Eye on the i World: Software Tool Vendor Sees IBM's Watson as IBM i Ally Rather Than a Threat

There are some voices that say the IBM i might be declining as a platform. Profound Logic CEO Alex Roytman is not one of them.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

The maturing of the IBM i market has been with us for some years, but the quality of that maturation sparks debate. Does the platform's current state, along with such other factors as IBM's boosting of Watson, mean the IBM i has reached a point in its life cycle where decline is inevitable, or has it simply reached an equilibrium at which it will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future?

Take an IBM i Security Quiz

Carol provides a quiz to test your knowledge of IBM i security facts.

carol woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

Many times, I want to make sure to tell everyone about an interesting IBM i security feature or make sure everyone knows how something works or point out some quirky fact, but it really isn’t enough to write a full article on the topic. So I decided to communicate these topics via a quiz. I hope you enjoy this alternative means of learning about IBM i security!

TechTip: i Illuminate 7.3—Get a Grip

Use the Gripping Charm to grasp the possibilities that lie ahead. Read how Scott dodges danger and dementors with DB2 for i spells.

Written by Scott Forstie

Good, you’re back. I was beginning to think that you had encountered some ugly business. After all, there is danger at every turn. For myself, I have been keeping a very public profile since we last spoke to one another. With the rollout of IBM i 7.3, everyone wants to know “What’s New in DB2 for i.” As I do my level best to tell them about the DB2 for i enhancements, I notice that frequently people aren’t fully utilizing the capabilities already at their fingertips. As you’ll read in this episode, an established DB2 for i column-level control will rescue me from an untimely demise.



Remain Software Adds Value for Customers in the New Version 8.1 of Their IBM i ALM Software, TD/OMS

The new TD/OMS release is dedicated to DevOps, IT managers and software developers looking for better control over software changes, improved collaboration and future-proof applications.

IBM Big Replicate V2.0

IBM Big Replicate V2.0 delivers continuous availability and performance with guaranteed data consistency.

IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance

IBM Security Identity and Access Assurance is expanded to address digital transformation and security challenges with new, attractive pricing options.

IBM Application Security on Cloud Offers Consulting Services

IBM Application Security on Cloud is a software-as-a-service offering that provides the ability to scan web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications in a fast and easy manner.

IBM Partner Engagement Manager

IBM Partner Engagement Manager is a service that helps enterprises onboard and manage their partner relationships through a self-service software as a service solution that can be maintained on the enterprise's local cloud as an extension of the IBM Cloud.

Remain Software Releases the New CA 2E Interface

Remain Software addresses the CA 2E community and releases the new, powerful CA 2E interface for their IBM i Application Lifecycle Management tool, TD/OMS.

Maxava iFoundation Invites IBM i User Community to Apply for 2016/17 Funding

The Maxava iFoundation is once again delighted to announce a new funding pool to assist IBM i user groups following the record number of applications granted for 2015/16.

Enforcive Announces Enterprise Security for IBM i Version 8.3

Enforcive announces the General Availability of Enterprise Security for IBM i Version 8.3, adding DB2 File Protection and standalone Field Encryption.



Introduction to Configuring iAccess Servers to use SSL

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NEW White Paper Addressing IBM i HA/DR in the Cloud

Connectria Hosting

3 Compelling Drivers for Implementing an HA Solution on an IBM i Cloud with MIMIX




IBM i Security Administration and Compliance

IBM i Security Administration and Compliance



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See What i Can Do With Modern RPG Development

Your applications deserve more than just a new look! Change the perception of the IBM i as “old” with modern development tips from IBM and Profound Logic Software.
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  • Working with free-format RPG in IBM i TR7
  • Breaking free from “The Cycle” of traditional RPG development
  • Going beyond the 10 character limit in display and database files
  • And more!

You'll also see a live demonstration of these techniques as the presenters create a modern web application before your eyes! 


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MS Office Connector for Query/400

NGS' Qport Office enables Windows users to run IBM Query/400 queries to: 

 - Create and update Excel spreadsheets and Access databases

 - Create Word documents

 - Send to Windows screen and PC printers

No query conversion is required. Works with i5/OS V5R1 & above. Installs in minutes!

If you don’t have a budget to replace IBM Query/400, but want your users to have one click enhanced output of their queries.… Request the online license agreement and product download instructions today!

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