Data Security in a Nebulous World

What's safer? The cloud or your own IBM i?

paul keyesWritten by Paul Keyes

Nobody understands the cloud. That's a common joke amongst IT professionals. It's often spoken tongue in cheek about laymen consumers uploading selfies by the millions as they constantly sync their devices without a clue in the world about what's actually happening to their data. While the concept of cloud-based data may confuse most consumers, two groups of people actually do thoroughly understand how the cloud works: the IT professionals who build and maintain the droves of servers on which all of our data is stored, and the hackers who spend their every waking moment trying to break into them.

When Management Turns Its Back on Security: The Business Effects

Something is preventing management from understanding the need to secure its electronic data.

Written by SkyView Partners

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "When Management Turns Its Back on Security: The Business Effects" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


One of the great mysteries as we walk into an IBM i shop is the lock on the computer room door. Often, when we first start consulting engagements, we are given a tour of the facility, and inevitably it includes a tour of the "raised floor" computer room, outfitted with expensive air-handling equipment and protected by a door that requires specific authorization to enter. The mystery is that, while all this expensive hardware needs physical protection, the company's most valuable assets are wide open to people who don't need access to them.

Start Thinking About Security in New Ways

Are you heads down, focused on the tasks in front of you? If so, you may be missing something. In this article, Carol discusses the need to stop, take time, and see if you need to think about things differently.

carol woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

At this time of year, I try to get away for a few days to relax and stop thinking about work. I've found that when I'm constantly heads down on work, I don't pick up on things around me that have changed. I tend to always do things the same way, but when I get away I may realize there's an easier or better way to do something. If I don't take a break, I'm unlikely to realize what I'm missing—as in new topics that I should be paying attention to or researching or new business opportunities that are right in front of my face but I couldn't "see" because I was too busy with other things. In this article, I'll encourage you to step back from your normal routine and see what you might be missing.

What Happened to the "RPG Academy" Column?

It's missing! Find out where it went.


Have you been feeling lost without the very-popular "RPG Academy" column that used to be here in MC TNT Tips 'n Techniques? Don't worry! It's not gone. It just changed locations.

Debunking Those Change-Control Myths

Every IT shop has some sort of change-management system. And it's often more a burden than a help. Why? Because of a number of change management myths that we hold near and dear.

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

The single most unheeded dictum, which seems to come from every successful entrepreneur-turned-billionaire, is to not be afraid of making mistakes. In fact, many people proudly declare that mistakes are the only way you make progress, and they attribute much of their success to their ability to make mistakes. Interestingly enough, this never seems to have worked out for me, but they're the rich ones, so they must know.

The API Corner: More on Counting Active Jobs

Let's continue our discussion about using the List Job API.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining

Last month, in the API Corner article "Counting Active Jobs by Subsystem and/or User," we saw how to use the List Job (QUSLJOB) API in order to count the number of active jobs on the system by various combinations of subsystem and initial user. We also saw that there were (at least) three areas of improvement that could be made to the program:



IBM Reports 2014 Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Results

IBM announced fourth-quarter 2014 diluted earnings from continuing operations of $5.54 per share, compared with diluted earnings of $5.76 per share in the fourth-quarter of 2013, a decrease of 4 percent.

IBM Makes Announcements About Kenexa

Kenexa Learn on Cloud and Kenexa Talent Frameworks are included.

IBM DB2 Offerings Add Business Value to Applications

Offerings include IBM DB2 Encryption, IBM DB2 Business Application Continuity, IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory, and IBM DB2 Performance Management.

Profound Logic and ARCAD Partner to Offer Businesses a Comprehensive IBM i Modernization Solution

Profound Logic Software and ARCAD Software today announced a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end modernization solutions for businesses that use the IBM i platform.

m-Power Enhanced to Create Web Services

Software developer mrc announces new web services capabilities within m-Power.

IBM Makes Multiple z/OS Announcements

Announcements include COBOL, new functionality, Linux, performance, and much more.

Big Year for Enterprise Linux Distros Includes Major Updates

The three major enterprise Linux vendors delivered milestone updates in 2014.

IBM Announces Storwize Family Software Offerings Enabled for Lenovo Ordering

Offerings include Storwize V7000 V7.4 and Storwize V5000 Software V7.4.

IBM Announces Additional Power Systems Features

Offerings include a new acoustic rack door and Enterprise Pools.

Townsend Security Achieves VMware Ready Status

Alliance Key Manager is a VMware Ready encryption and key management solution that helps enterprises manage risk and meet compliance requirements.



Security Admin Tasks - Examining the Audit Journal

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