Is 2014 the Internet's Last Good Year?

Without our input, the Internet's fate is left to the whim of career politicians, lobbyists, and marketing departments.

roger penceWritten by Roger Pence

The destiny of the Internet as we know it today hangs on the fate of Net neutrality. I'll dig into some of the basics of Net neutrality in this article (with mostly fact but a few closing opinions), but before that, let's go back in time.

ACO MONITOR: Managing Your IBM i Using Wireless Devices

Read on for an in-depth review of the native IBM i technology and ACO MONITOR's advanced two-way messaging features to remotely manage your IBM i while in or away from the office.

Written by DDL Systems, Inc.

Editor's Note: This article introduces the white paper "Automate IBM i Operations Using Wireless Devices" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


Managing the complexities of today's operating systems, business applications, and networks challenges even the most knowledgeable IT professionals. The cost to an enterprise of unplanned downtime, loss of human expertise during sick leave or vacation, and system/application or environmental failure can be devastating. Today's systems management applications monitor all critical tasks and make increasing use of your existing expertise and technology to maximize system availability, improve productivity, and increase customer service.

In the Wheelhouse: Apple, IBM, and a Missed Opportunity

Today, I'm talking about the deal between Apple and IBM and how it could affect BlackBerry. Sadly, my take on it isn't all roses.

steve pitcherWritten by Steve Pitcher

This week, IBM and Apple teamed up to provide mobile solutions for the enterprise market.


As per the agreement:


The landmark partnership aims to redefine the way work will get done, address key industry mobility challenges and spark true mobile-led business change—grounded in four core capabilities:

Technology Focus: Should You Do HA/DR in the Cloud or In-House?

In the long run, it boils down to whether you prefer convenience or control.

john gristWritten by John Ghrist

It seems to be inarguable anymore whether or not an enterprise of any size needs a high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR, also often called business continuity (BC)) plan in place. The sticking point is more along the lines of how much time and money any business concern wants to invest in the process. Particularly in the cases of enterprises that have never experienced any significant downtime or downtime consequences, or that remain convinced the stability of IBM i servers is not just legendary but permanent, it can be challenging to set aside money, personnel, and systems time to prepare for a "just in case" scenario. The upshot is that it's something that has to be done, if only to avoid how awful the consequences might be if you don't.

Security Patrol: V7R2 Security Enhancements, Part 2: Implementing Row and Column Access Controls

Carol provides the second part of a two-part article on the security enhancements introduced in V7R2.

carol woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

Last month, I covered the auditing, password composition rule, and other miscellaneous enhancements provided in V7R2. This month, the focus is on the security enhancements associated with DB2, specifically Row and Column Access Control (RCAC).  



IBM InfoSphere Information Server Offers Unlimited Users and Simplifies Metric Counting Rules

Effective July 24, 2014, select IBM InfoSphere Information Server products will be offered under a new set of prices and pricing metrics that deliver greater value and flexibility to IBM clients.

Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1 Delivers Additional Chargeable Component Features

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1 provides the following new features to give you visibility into your businesses' past, present and future performance.

DRV Technologies Releases 6.0 of the DRV FlexTool Solutions Suite

DRV Technologies, Inc., the developer of FlexTools report management, electronic forms and MICR laser checks software, report writer / query tool, and system monitoring for the IBM i, iSeries, and AS/400, has announced the release of FlexTools V6.0 which is the DRV suite of solutions including SpoolFlex, FormFlex, Secure Checks, DBXFlex and MessageFlex.

Townsend Security Brings Two Factor Authentication to Leading IBM i Security Solutions

With mobile-based two factor authentication, Townsend Security offers customers an additional control to protect core security solutions from un-authorized access due to compromised credentials.

RPG Can Now Directly Access Mobile Device Functionality Using LANSA's aXes Mobile App

Making all smartphone and tablet functions, such as camera, video, voice and barcoding, available to your existing 5250 applications will take your IBM i modernization efforts to the next level.

HelpSystems Announces File Event Monitoring for Libraries, Directories, IFS

New features in Robot/SCHEDULE version 12 enhance job schedule flexibility and control with event-based dependencies and improved reporting.



Configuring IBM i iSeries Access Server to Use SSL

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See What i Can Do With Modern RPG Development

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MS Office Connector for Query/400

NGS' Qport Office enables Windows users to run IBM Query/400 queries to: 

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