Six Secrets for Successful Employee Mobile Apps

Mobile is the future, and employees are eager to get on board.

glenn johnsonWritten by Glenn Johnson

Two-thirds of executives claim mobile apps are playing a greater role in facilitating sales, communication, and training processes as more and more employees rely on mobile devices to do their jobs according to a Forbes study. The Guardian revealed that 37% of employees are so convinced of the value of mobile apps they use for work, they would even pay for them out of their own pocket.

TechTip: 24/7 Notifications from Your IBM i

SP4i-Push offers free plug-and-play mobile messaging for up to 10 users.

serge charbitWritten by Serge Charbit

Today, with a smartphone in your pocket, you can get up-to-the-minute information from nearly anywhere—your friends, the news, social media, your email. So why is it so difficult to stay on top of important information from your IBM i applications and systems when you can't log on?

10 Reasons IBM i Developers May Want to Take a Closer Look at Microsoft .NET

What language will you choose when you're ready to go to the next level?

Written by Lee Paul

Development languages. There are many of them! If you're curious, the Tiobe Index ranks them for you based on popularity calculated from various search engines. For November, C is #1 again, Java is at #2, PHP is at #6, and C# is at #5. COBOL has fallen a spot to #28, CL gets in at #65, and RPG ekes out a spot in the top 100 at #93. Check out the new Google Trends tool for another comparison. For the most part, RPG and COBOL hold our legacy on the IBM i, while Java and PHP are the platform favorites and are heavily positioned by IBM for the future.

Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance

Find out why network monitoring is so important for IBM i managers.

Written by CCSS

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


A professional athlete must consider several factors in order to deliver his best performance. The food he eats, the way he physically trains and mentally prepares, as well as his strategy and technique all play a part in deriving the best result. Imagine that athlete was completely prepared when he started the race of his life, having attended to all these things, only to have his performance ruined when he was struck by lightning. Unfortunate, some would say, but that's life.

Protecting Your Passwords on IBM i

Many recent hacks have accessed networks and then accessed databases by obtaining administrator credentials (user IDs and passwords). Databases of emails and passwords are also being stolen from breached organizations. Carol discusses how to reduce password abuse.

carol woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

You may not realize it, but many of the organizations recently breached are large IBM i shops. The general public never knows whether our beloved IBM i was breached because that information is never published. But to dismiss the possibility out of hand and ignore steps that you can take to protect your organization and—more importantly—the data on your IBM i systems is putting that data at significant risk. This article focuses on protecting passwords since exploiting stolen credentials (user IDs and passwords) is one method being used by hackers to gain access to data.

Book Review: Subfiles in Free-Format RPG

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, this book has something for you.

mike_faustWritten by Mike Faust

For System i developers, mastering the ability to develop subfile applications is an absolute must! In Subfiles in Free-Format RPG, Kevin Vandever takes the reader through the subfile concept—from start to finish. Unlike other books on the topic, this one specifically focuses on coding subfile applications in free-format RPG and does an excellent job of explaining how to use subfiles in the modern rendition of the RPG language.



Using the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i

Manta announces the availability of the next course in its series on the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium Applications Helps You Easily Construct Masking Rules

InfoSphere Guardium Applications delivers the following improvements:

HelpSystems Announces Enhancements to Centralized User Profile Management Tool

PowerAdmin 2.0 saves time and improves IBM i security by simplifying user profile management, creation, and auditing.

IBM Security QRadar V7.2.4 Provides Enhancements

IBM Security QRadar V7.2.4 delivers enhanced threat intelligence, new open APIs, and asset configuration benchmarking, as well as compression and data decryption capabilities for incident forensics.

BigInsights on Cloud V1.0 Offers Secure, Enterprise-Grade Hadoop

IBM BigInsights on Cloud V1.0 enables you to take advantage of advanced tooling in the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights software included in the Cloud offering:

IBM Power Systems Enhancements

Several enhancements are available for Power Systems servers:

IBM System Storage SAN News

SAN768B-2, SAN384B-2, SAN42B-R are enhanced.

looksoftware Announces Version 10.1.1

Version 10.1.1 is now available to power your IBM i applications even further!

Introducing the Next-Generation PHP IDE: ZEND STUDIO 12

This major release provides key new features and improvements.

CNX Announces Release of Valence Framework 4.1

Features native portal app for iOS devices and updated user interface components.



Security Admin Tasks - Examining the Audit Journal

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See What i Can Do With Modern RPG Development

Your applications deserve more than just a new look! Change the perception of the IBM i as “old” with modern development tips from IBM and Profound Logic Software.
Watch as Barbara Morris, Brian May and Alex Roytman dive beneath the GUI surface to show the benefits of:


  • Working with free-format RPG in IBM i TR7
  • Breaking free from “The Cycle” of traditional RPG development
  • Going beyond the 10 character limit in display and database files
  • And more!

You'll also see a live demonstration of these techniques as the presenters create a modern web application before your eyes! 


Watch the Webinar Now!



MS Office Connector for Query/400

NGS' Qport Office enables Windows users to run IBM Query/400 queries to: 

 - Create and update Excel spreadsheets and Access databases

 - Create Word documents

 - Send to Windows screen and PC printers

No query conversion is required. Works with i5/OS V5R1 & above. Installs in minutes!

If you don’t have a budget to replace IBM Query/400, but want your users to have one click enhanced output of their queries.… Request the online license agreement and product download instructions today!

Offer good through December 31, 2013.


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