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IBM i 7.3 TR2 Supports the New IBM Power System S812 Server and Offers Significant Enhancements in Database, Access Client Solutions, and Serviceability

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IBM i 7.3 TR2 adds significant function for IBM DB2 for i, enhances IBM i Access Client Solutions, and adds binaries for new tools into the IBM Open Source offering. In addition to extending these software functions, i 7.3 TR2 provides the necessary capabilities for supporting the newly announced IBM Power® S812 hardware model.

  • DB2 for i adds new and enhanced SQL capabilities for database application developers and system administrators. With these enhancements, SQL can be used to become more productive and effective at solving business requirements.
  • The IBM Open Source solutions offering (5733-OPS) has been enhanced to include more tools that serve both the system administrator and the application developer.
  • IBM i Access Client Solutions continues to be enhanced to provide additional function and value to users, system administrators, and database engineers, providing them with the tools to work with their i systems from the PC platform of their choice.
  • IBM i now supports a lower-priced, 1-core Power S812 server for clients with modest processing and lower I/O needs.
  • Serviceability improvements reduce the number of situations that require a mainstore dump and speed the analysis when a mainstore dump is required.


With i 7.3 TR2, DB2 for i continues to focus on new and advanced SQL capabilities and the ability to use SQL to access i operating system details. Further, DB2 for i delivers ease-of-use enhancements to help a database engineer accomplish the daily task of managing the data center.

With the latest IBM Open Source solutions additions, you can perform a number of network or file-related tasks. Existing support for git, a popular change control tool, has also been enhanced.

IBM i Access Client Solutions continues to focus on new and advanced capabilities for both the system administrator and database engineer. Updates to the Output Spool file support and many updates to the database function have been included.

IBM i support is extended to include a new model S812 with i 7.3 TR2 on a P05 software tier. The S812 is a 1-core, 2U server with an excellent entry price. This is an attractive offering for i clients on prior generations of smaller IBM Power Systems™ servers who have modest processing and I/O requirements and do not require virtualization of processors or I/O.

Power Systems adds new features for a SAS tape/DVD adapter to attach some of the older external tape drives and removable media that are not supported by the newer, faster 6 Gb PCIe3 SAS adapter.

Serviceability improvements with i 7.3 TR2 preclude the need to take a mainstore dump for some error scenarios, allow faster copying of mainstore dumps to tape and to the integrated file system (IFS), and significantly reduce the time to load a mainstore dump for analysis.

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The IBM business model is built to support two principal goals: helping clients succeed in delivering business value by becoming more innovative, efficient and competitive through the use of business insight and information technology (IT) solutions; and, providing long-term value to shareholders. The business model has been developed over time through strategic investments in capabilities and technologies that have the best long-term growth and profitability prospects based on the value they deliver to clients. The company's strategy is to focus on the high-growth, high-value segments of the IT industry. The company's global capabilities include services, software, hardware, fundamental research and financing. The broad mix of businesses and capabilities are combined to provide business insight and solutions for the company's clients.

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