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January 10, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 1


TOP STORY: IBM DB2 Web Query for i: New and Improved!
FEATURED ARTICLE: ASNA Wings Allows Simple Functional and Cosmetic Application Enhancements
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Shield Introduces Spool File Replication in HA4i
FORUM: Replacing Micro$oft Server with Linux
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Feature Article - Database
IBM DB2 Web Query for i: New and Improved!

Version 1.1.2 of DB2 Web Query is teeming with product improvements. New features such as InfoAssist, the JD Edwards adapter, and RIA can help you create eye-popping reports.

gene_cobbWritten by Gene Cobb

On December 10, 2010, a new and improved version of DB2 Web Query for i was made generally available to the IBM i community. Packaged as 1.1.2, this exciting new release is chock-full of improvements and goodies that will make your experience using this product even more enjoyable than before. A major emphasis in this release was to improve the "out of the box" experience by making the development tools easier to use while improving query performance, but other areas were addressed as well. In fact, there are so many new features that I cannot describe them all in this article. So I am going to focus on the following major product improvements:


Feature Article - Programming
ASNA Wings Allows Simple Functional and Cosmetic Application Enhancements

Using IBM's Open Access: RPG Edition, Wings can identify, by field name, the various data elements— including indicators—in an application's display data stream.

roger_penceWritten by Roger Pence

Editor's Note: This article provides a summary of the material presented in the Webcast "Introducing ASNA Wings," which can be found in the MC Webcast Center.


ASNA Wings is ASNA's revolutionary new application modernization product for the System i platform. Wings transforms traditional green-screen display files to browser pages. The program logic and file IO remain on the System i platform. This 30-minute video introduces readers to ASNA Wings. You will quickly see what Wings does and how it does it. You will notice that Wings requires no big upfront design and makes modernizing even your ugliest RPG program a snap.


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