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January 14, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 1


In This Issue:

>> The Trend Toward GDSN: How It May Affect Your Business
>> Zeitler: IBM Will "Reincarnate" the System i


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iTM 01-14-2008 Text 1
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Feature Article - Analysis
The Trend Toward GDSN: How It May Affect Your Business

An interview with GS1 executives reveals what the future holds for the supply chain.

By Jeff Holzman

Editor's Note: On January 9, 2008, LANSA's Jeff Holzman (JH) interviewed GS1 US Chief Operating Officer Charles E. "Chip" Lloyd (CL). Additional comments were provided by GS1/1SYNC Vice President, Business Development, Dan Wilkinson (DW) and GS1 Director of External Affairs Robert Thibault (RT).


Feature Article - Operating Systems
Zeitler: IBM Will "Reincarnate" the System i

Determined to boost lagging sales of the company's flagship midrange product, IBM's Systems and Technology Group will soon introduce a new family of server products for SMBs.

By Chris Smith

IBM is poised to launch a new family of server products for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) that it hopes will reinvigorate the midrange market currently characterized by weak sales of the System i.


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iTM 01-14-2008


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