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January 19, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 2


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Analysis
Lenovo's Secure Managed Client Solution Breaks New Ground

A creative blending of unique technologies has resulted in simplifying the administration of desktop clients.

chris_smith.jpgBy Chris Smith

While there has been widespread resistance in the corporate world to upgrading from Windows XP to Vista, eventually XP is going to be long of tooth, and business will move to Windows 7. The cost of that move, with the implication of having to purchase all new PC hardware to support a more resource-intensive operating system, is looming like a scene out of the TV show Fear Factor, in which contestants are forced to eat a handful of squirmy bugs in order to remain in the game.



Feature Article - Analysis
Obama Administration Ready to Stimulate Technology Use, Awareness

Obama campaign references to technology issues show that an early emphasis on computing to help solve problems is likely for his administration.

john_grist.jpgBy John Ghrist

In just a few days, the United States will inaugurate the most technologically savvy president in its history, an event that should have a significant impact on the computer industry.

Not Your Father's President-Elect

Far from being a person who doesn't even know how to send an email message, as has been the case with most of his predecessors in office, Barack Obama's use of technology has been central to his successful campaign for the presidency.


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