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January 21, 2009 | Vol 8 Issue 2


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Programming
Calling a PC Application from RPG
Identify the IP address of a computer from within an RPG program.

tom_snyder.jpgBy Tom Snyder

In order for RPG to be able to call an application on a remote computer, you need to be able to do three things:


1. Identify the IP address of a computer from within an RPG program

2. Allow commands to be executed on the remote computer

3. Call the remote application from within an RPG program



Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: More on Customizing Application Behavior for Each User

Find out the rest of the story about the User Application Information APIs.

bruce_vining.jpgBy Bruce Vining

In the last column, we saw how to use the Update User Application Information API to set default values for a new user of the RPG_DEVELOPER_MY_APPLICATION application. Today, we will look at how to combine the Update API with the Retrieve User Application Information API in order to provide application awareness of past user preferences.  


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