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January 28, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 2


In This Issue:

>> PHP: What Can You Do with It on Your System i?
>> A Decade in the Making, XBRL Is Poised for Adoption

Feature Article - Programming
PHP: What Can You Do with It on Your System i?

PHP takes you where RPG can't: into a world of heterogeneous operating systems running the same language.

By Duncan Kenzie

PHP is a highly productive programming language for developing Web applications. As I mentioned in an article in Showcase magazine ("PHP: A Party Waiting for a Few Good Developers"), PHP has been around since 1995 on other platforms and has gone through as many transformations as RPG has during that time. In this article, I'll discuss what PHP can do for you and why you should consider using it.


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Feature Article - Programming
A Decade in the Making, XBRL Is Poised for Adoption

The language developed for business reporting promises to make financial statements more accurate, easier to produce, and simpler to analyze.

By Chris Smith

With the public's attention focused so intently on the results of financial statements, particularly with what's happening in the mortgage industry, few outside the accounting and IT industries are talking about the technology revolution occurring in the back office affecting how those statements will be prepared.


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