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January 4, 2008 | Vol 5 Issue 1


In This Issue:

>> TechTip: Monit, the UNIX System Service Watch Dog
>> Why Search Technology Is Important to Our Future


Feature Article - Operating Systems
TechTip: Monit, the UNIX System Service Watch Dog
Manage, monitor, and automatically repair services, processes, and many other resources with the free open-source tool Monit.

By Max Hetrick

Many of you have heard me and fellow author Barry L. Kline mention the Nagios utility in the past. While I implement Nagios on my networks to diligently monitor everything from host devices to services, it's not necessarily always easy and convenient to implement event handlers to act on problems; Nagios has a very steep learning curve. So if you just want a simple utility designed specifically to restart services and act on behalf of conditions you have set forth, consider Monit instead. Monit can provide automated recovery of services and processes on a Linux system in very simple fashion.


Feature Article - Application Software
Why Search Technology Is Important to Our Future

In 2008, companies will be working harder to develop a culture of innovation in order to drive the market. Having access to internal and external information will be critical to this effort.

By Chris Smith

We worked through 2007, and, with the exception of a long and grisly war, it was a pretty good year. Looking ahead to 2008, we see signs that there may be an economic slowdown spawned in large measure by the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. Regardless of whether that comes to pass, the U.S. has assumed a huge national debt that will have to be paid off essentially by the nation's business output. You wonder why they keep letting immigrants into the country? Hey, we need as many taxpayers as we can get! Can people work any harder? Maybe, maybe not. But they sure could work a lot smarter.


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