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January 6, 2010 | Volume 9 Issue 1


TOP STORY: Practical RPG: Use Prototyping to Maximize Productivity

FEATURED ARTICLE: Delimit Data on the IBM i the Easy Way
MORE NEWS: Gridstore Launches NAS Grid for Managed Service Providers and SMB Customers

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Feature Article - Programming
Practical RPG: Use Prototyping to Maximize Productivity

Prototypes are one of the most powerful enhancements in ILE RPG, particularly in free-form; this article shows you just how productive prototypes can be.

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

The CALLP opcode is arguably the most significant enhancement in ILE RPG. With the exception of free-format RPG, prototypes are certainly the most extensive addition to the language. Used properly together, the syntax of defining parameters as an extension of the D-specification and the various keywords that assign attributes to those parameters can completely transform the RPG language in ways you might not have foreseen. This article explains one of the subtlest but most important of those changes.


Feature Article - Programming
Delimit Data on the IBM i the Easy Way

Need to delimit and transfer data when System i Access is not an option?

tom_snyderWritten by Tom Snyder

Delimiting data is a common way of separating fields within text files. If you're using the Data Transfer utility provided with System i Access, it's a simple matter of specifying the criteria for the download. But what if System i Access is not an option or you want to automate the data transfer without the dependency of a Windows Client?


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