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July 10, 2009 | Vol 6 Issue 26


In This Issue:

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Minimize DB2 Database Monitor Overhead

New enhancements from IBM minimize disk activity and disk storage requirements.

kent_milligan_117x117Written by Kent Milligan

As documented in a previous TechTip, the Database Monitor is a great tool for collecting SQL performance data. However, you must apply great care when using this tool because it can cause significant disk activity on your system and quickly consume disk space. Recently, IBM introduced enhancements to minimize the disk activity and disk storage requirements associated with database monitor collections.


Feature Article - Security
Free Antivirus Software Might Be Good Enough During Hard Times

While lacking features, free versions of antivirus software are available from leading antivirus software distributors.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

Most companies and individuals today are looking for ways to save money, and if they are spending big bucks on expensive antivirus software licenses, they may wish to consider the free versions of software they currently are paying for. These editions can be easily downloaded from a number of antivirus companies and often provide enough protection for certain classes of users. Following is a list of a number of the leading providers of free antivirus software.


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