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July 14, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 12


In This Issue:

Sponsor - Help/Systems
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SEQUEL™, the leading business intelligence solution for the IBM® System i™, delivers System i data quickly and efficiently. From simple ad hoc queries to complex graphical query and reporting; from executive dashboards with gauges for critical business metrics to multi-platform database access; from drill-down data analysis to powerful scripting with CL-like programming; SEQUEL meets all your System i data access and analysis requirements. Request more information or a FREE 30-day trial.

Feature Article - ERP
Implementing Enterprise Search Within Your ERP Application

Use Google's Search Appliance "OneBox" modules to integrate enterprise search functionality with your ERP.

mike_faust.jpgBy Mike Faust

The concept behind enterprise search functionality is fairly simple. As the name suggests, the goal of implementing enterprise search is to give you a means by which you can search for information that, theoretically at least, exists anywhere throughout your enterprise. This might, for example, be information held in a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF file located somewhere on your corporate LAN or intranet. The real challenge with implementing an enterprise search application is attempting to include information stored in your organization's ERP application. In this article, we'll explore what it takes to implement enterprise search functionality with your ERP.


Sponsor - Vision Solutions, Inc.
iTM 07-14-2008 Text 2
Want the hot new System i Disaster Recovery Planning book from MC Press for 50% off? Simply take a few minutes to complete a disaster recovery survey from Vision Solutions and this comprehensive 600-page guide is yours for $32.48 instead of the regular price of $64.95! Click now for this limited offer!

Feature Article - Disaster Recovery
Rethinking Data Protection
Can your storage provider guarantee that your data won't be lost?

andy_winkler.jpgBy Dr. Andrew Winkler

Lose data, lose your job. Since 93 percent of data-intensive businesses that lose their data go out of business, it's not surprising that data loss is such a big career killer. And it's only natural that we have built a massive infrastructure around preserving data at all costs: raid arrays and tape libraries and snapshot file systems and offsite storage and online storage.... So massive, in fact, that it is collapsing under its own weight.


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iTM 07-14-2008


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