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July 16, 2010 | Volume 7 Issue 28


TOP STORY: Book Review: Developing Web 2.0 Applications with EGL for IBM i
FEATURED ARTICLE: Valence 2.1 Modernization Suite Will Appeal to RPG Programmers Demanding a Modern Web 2.0 Solution
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Do Your Profiles Have (User) Class?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Annual OCEAN Technical Conference Kicks Off this Friday
FORUM: Announcing XLPARSE2 Open-Source Utility
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Free unlimited trial of the Valence Web Application Framework for System i
BLOG: System i Management Tips

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Feature Article - Programming
Book Review: Developing Web 2.0 Applications with EGL for IBM i

It's everything you need to know, from the bottom up.

Written by Mike Myers

Let me first explain a little about myself. I wrote my first program in 1982 on a System/34 (RPG II). Two years later, I was on the System/38 (RPG III), and soon after, the AS/400 (RPG IV, etc.). So, yes, I am an old green-screen developer—working hard, I might add, to update my skill set using Rational Developer for i for SOA Construction (RDi SOA).


I found Joe's book very useful in introducing me to the key concepts of EGL—namely widgets, library functions, reusable components, and completely encapsulated shared projects.


Feature Article - Programming
Valence 2.1 Modernization Suite Will Appeal to RPG Programmers Demanding a Modern Web 2.0 Solution

CNX has created an elegant modernization suite designed by RPG programmers for RPG programmers.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

Editor's Note: This article describes the Valence 2.1 modernization software suite from CNX Corp. available for free download from the MC Software Center.


With pressure building in IT shops to modernize green-screen applications into ones with modern GUI interfaces, a newcomer on the scene of modernization tools holds the promise of truly increasing application functionality while enhancing its appearance.


Advertorial - PowerTech
Partner TechTip: Do Your Profiles Have (User) Class?

Be sure you understand the impact of a profile's user class on user capabilities.

robin_tatamWritten by Robin Tatam

One of the security issues most frequently cited by auditors is the existence of (overly) powerful users on a system. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast guidelines of what defines a powerful user on the IBM i platform. Too often, administrators and auditors focus almost exclusively on a profile's User Class (USRCLS) parameter.


In my opinion, a powerful user is anyone who can operate outside the confines of an application.


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