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July 2, 2008 | Vol 7 Issue 13


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Programming
Expand Your Database with UDFs

User-defined functions are flexible and easy to create. Add them to your development toolkit to create powerful new solutions for your company.

bruce_vining.jpgBy Bruce Vining

Many of you are quite familiar with DDS and the ability to define physical and logical database files. For instance, if we have a physical file MYFILE defined as shown below, we can create logical files that provide a subset of the physical file fields, map physical fields to logical fields through operators such as CONCAT and SST, map physical data types to other types, etc.:


Feature Article - Programming
Performance When Converting Legacy Dates
Converting legacy dates to true dates? One approach is significantly faster.

by Sam Lennon

Often, I need to convert from legacy dates to true dates. I convert mostly so I can easily do date arithmetic, but sometimes just for readability in ad hoc queries over old files. I'm a big fan of true dates and preach their usage when I get the chance, but there is some CPU overhead. This article is about improving efficiency in converting to true dates and reducing some of that overhead.


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