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July 21, 2010 | Volume 9 Issue 14


TOP STORY: Display Java System Attributes from Within RPG
FEATURED ARTICLE: The API Corner: Automating Recovery (or Keeping the Help Desk Out of the Loop)
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: inFORM Decisions Blasts Barriers to Batch Scanning for Document Archive and Retrieval
FORUM: Using Client Access to Create a Spreadsheet from an AS/400 File
BUYER'S GUIDE: Presto 2 and Barcode 400

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Sponsor - T.L. Ashford & Associates

T.L. Ashford is “The Labeling Answer”® for the System i.

Ashford's Barcode400 has been the dependable choice for the industry since 1983. With Barcode400's newly enhanced Graphic Designer no “green screen” interaction is needed for label design. New features include: AFP/HP-compatible printing, easy-to-use graphics import tool, test print to desktop printer, simple font download tool, updated drivers and format listing reports. Even compliance labeling is made easy with design templates. Call 800-541-4893 to order your Fully-Functional, FREE Trial Software or visit us at T.L. Ashford & Associates.

Also, be sure to download the new white paper: Bar Code / RFID Label Printing, Don't get caught in the integration trap.



Feature Article - Programming
Display Java System Attributes from Within RPG

Turn conceptual Java properties into definitive, concrete attributes.

tom_snyderWritten by Tom Snyder

When working with RPG in different environments, such as production and test, you will most likely be working with different library lists and using different versions of programs and files. To provide a sanity check for yourself, you will want to ensure that you're using the correct programs and files by validating the objects that are being used by the job. This article shows you some methods that I use to verify similar Java attributes when using Java with RPG, such as the currently running version of JVM and the class path that is being used.


Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: Automating Recovery (or Keeping the Help Desk Out of the Loop)

Recover from, and remove, error messages when using the QCMDEXC API to run CL commands.

bruce_viningWritten by Bruce Vining

In last month's column, "The API Corner: Running CL Commands from RPG," you saw that an RPG program can easily run a CL command using any one of the three APIs: QCMDEXC, system, or QCAPCMD. Each of the APIs also provides the ability for the RPG program to detect when an error is encountered in the running of the CL command. The RPG programs found in the previous column, however, simply logged the fact that an error was encountered and then ended.


Just as a CL program running a CL command can use the Monitor Message (MONMSG) command to detect error conditions and then recover from the error, so too can your RPG programs.


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Presto screens run in a browser with no other PC software, no ActiveX and no WebSphere needed.  You select one of the modern skins included with Presto for an instant professional look.

Your existing staff can use the new Visual Screen Editor to enhance your screens without getting into the HTML; drag and drop fields, insert pop up calendars, add drop down lists, images and more.

You also have full access to the HTML code to add any Web 2.0 features and technologies; jQuery Web Services, Graphs and more.   Presto increases end user satisfaction and reduces training costs by providing more intuitive user interfaces that are more appealing and easier to navigate. You can choose between base or unlimited user pricing and competitive upgrades are available.

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T.L. Ashford's award winning BARCODE400 software is the labeling answer for the iSeries. With this versatile and easy to use software you will be designing and printing labels in minutes. Compliance labeling is a snap using templates provide by TL Ashford.

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