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July 27, 2012 | Volume 9 Issue 30


TOP STORY: The CL Corner: Using Multiple Files with the RUNSQL CL Command
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Automate the Un-Automatable
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Hartzell Propeller Goes Paperless in Accounts Payable with Infor IntelliChief Document Management
MC STORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles
EVENT: SkyView: 5 Tips for Administering Security in the IFS
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Barcode400 Labeling Software makes it easy for IBM i users to design and print labels in minutes.

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Feature Article - Programming
The CL Corner: Using Multiple Files with the RUNSQL CL Command

Take advantage of being able to join files with SQL.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining

Last month, in "Run-Time Selection Using the RUNSQL CL Command," we saw how to build an SQL statement on the fly, selecting specific records/rows from the file/table SAMPLE. In this article, we'll look at how to combine information across files using the RUNSQL CL command. But before combining information, we first need to define that information, which will be accessed external to the file SAMPLE.


Advertorial - Help/Systems
Partner TechTip: Automate the Un-Automatable

Don't let operators or users waste valuable time and system resources by running reports and other processes with incorrect parameters or at the wrong time.

ChuckLosinski 116x116Written by Chuck Losinski

Do you still have people running reports repetitively at a certain time of day, week, or month? Maybe your ERP system has a series of demand reports, supplier order reports, or inventory reports that must be run, and you have an operator or clerk running those reports manually from a green-screen? Have these reports ever run with incorrect selection criteria? Maybe someone input an incorrect product line or date range? Or maybe someone took a vacation day and the reports didn't run at all?


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