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July 6, 2012 | Volume 9 Issue 27


TOP STORY: TechTip: Audit Your Exit Points
FEATURED ARTICLE: Take a Flight in the Cloud on PureSystems
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Townsend Security Alliance Key Manager HSM Added to the GSA Schedule 
FORUM:  Converting a PDF Back to Text
BUYER'S GUIDE: Maxava HA Enterprise+ and Barcode 400
EVENT: OCEAN Technical Conference 2012
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Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Audit Your Exit Points

Did the previous administrator leave the machine clean, or did he leave a time bomb somewhere?

jean-paul lamontreWritten by Jean-Paul Lamontre

Suppose it's the beginning of a new year, and the first time the human resources manager logs into payroll, he unknowingly sends the file of annual salaries to an email address it shouldn't go to, by directly Telnet-ing port 25, something discreet and undetectable.


Feature Article - System Administration
Take a Flight in the Cloud on PureSystems

IBM is offering a 90-day free trial for users to experiment with its new "patterns" predefined workload definitions.

chris smithWritten by Chris Smith

One of the interesting things about the IBM booth at COMMON this spring was the collection of PureSystems hardware displayed on tables where people could pick it up, examine it, and ask questions about each individual element. This is unusual for IBM. However, the company realized that the systems were so different from what people were familiar with that they needed to have a car-show type experience in order to feel as though they understood the inner workings. Now people can go a step further.


MC SCBG Featured Products

Maxava HA Enterprise+ delivers comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for your IBM i. Maxava HA Enterprise includes all the functionality of the Maxava HA SMB version along with enhanced replication and tools necessary for more complex environments.


Secure, reliable replication of data, objects, spool files, IFS and MQ Series – Maxava HA Enterprise does it all, along with Command Scripting Function and maxView ; remote monitoring of your HA solution and key IBM i system resources from your web-ready mobile device.


Learn more about Maxava and its high availability and disaster recovery software solutions for IBM i systems here.



T.L. Ashford's award winning BARCODE400 software is the labeling answer for the iSeries. With this versatile and easy to use software you will be designing and printing labels in minutes. Compliance labeling is a snap using templates provide by TL Ashford.

Learn more about T.L. Ashford & Associates and its Barcode and RFID solutions here.


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