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July 8, 2011 | Volume 8 Issue 27


TOP STORY: TechTip: Parse XML Data Using jQuery, Part 1
FEATURED ARTICLE: After Computers Solve Our Traffic Problems, Could Improved Relationships Be Far Behind?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending Is on Pace to Grow 7.1 Percent in 2011
FORUM: Help! How to Get a USB-Connected Epson POS Printer to Work for Slip Printing
MC PRESS BOOKSTORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles for June 2011
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Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Parse XML Data Using jQuery, Part 1

Demystify the noble art of reading XML data.

jan_jorgensenWritten by Jan Jorgensen

Every day, the expectations of our skills are challenged. It is not enough to know RPG, DDS, and CL. Nowadays, we must also know something about PHP (or likewise), HMTL, JavaScript, and XML if we want to cope.


In this tip, I will show you how to parse XML data using a simple HMTL file and jQuery. If you are unfamiliar with jQuery, I encourage you to read ”jQuery Tutorial” at and Getting Started with jQuery at All this can of course be done in "normal" JavaScript, but jQuery will hide all the complicated stuff. Plus, it will let you do things very quickly and easily.


Feature Article - Analysis
After Computers Solve Our Traffic Problems, Could Improved Relationships Be Far Behind?

For now, however, always try to grab the driver's seat if you anticipate lengthy delays in the car.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

Editor's Note: I'm off this week, but I pulled this column from the 2007 archives of Showcase magazine because I wanted readers to consider whether or not we have made any progress in the past four years in automating traffic management and transportation. Or are we still sitting in traffic jams for hours and wasting gas as we have for years? Feel free to post your comments in the MC Forums if you have any thoughts on the subject or examples of changing times. Transportation system programmers, please step forward.


Sometimes I think writing is all about getting someone to listen. People like email because they can say what they want to, and no one is going to interrupt them. Have you ever realized that when you're driving and you have a passenger, you can start to behave as though you're on a soapbox with an audience? Or is it just me?


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