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June 19, 2009 | Vol 6 Issue 24


In This Issue:

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Write Modular, Dynamic Code with Procedure Pointers

Rather than create multiple versions of code to do different things with data, this technique allows you to have only one copy of that logic.

kevin_forsytheWritten by Kevin Forsythe

As we try to develop more modular code, one of the problems that we encounter is how to integrate modules or procedures that need to process more than a single record or row of data. We already know that we can easily pass parameters or arguments between procedures that hold all the data we need if we are processing only a single row or record. But what if we want to call a process that processes all the records for a selected part, or all the records for a given PO, or any similar process? What if we want to pass an array or multiple-occurrence data structure? Those have some limitations that make them more difficult to implement.


Feature Article - Analysis
Flash Memory Drives Get Smaller as Security Issues Get Larger

One vendor is offering SD cards as a way to add removable storage to netbooks.

chris_smithBy Chris Smith

There is a little mesh box on my desktop now that contains a collection of flash drives, and it's a reminder of one more area of my life that needs organizing. Much the way Andy Rooney of CBS' 60 Minutes takes stock of his growing pile of aging memorabilia, I see the 13 drives I possess as a colorful set of treasures, all with different shapes, specifications, and case materials. They are a poignant reminder, however, of how easy it is to allow your technology to become antediluvian.


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