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June 25, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 11


TOP STORY: Wow! Have You Seen the New DB2 Web Query?
FEATURED ARTICLE: Achieving Lights-Out Automation on Your IBM i Network
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Puts Business Content in Motion for Mobile Workforce
WHITE PAPER: Lights Out IBM Automation 
EVENT: looksoftware: Learn how to leverage the power of mobile technology with the IBM i
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Feature Article - Database
Wow! Have You Seen the New DB2 Web Query?

Learn about DB2 Web Query Version 2.1, the latest and greatest querying and reporting technology for the IBM i.

gene cobbWritten by Gene Cobb

IBM DB2 Web Query for i was first released in 2007 as the strategic query and reporting tool for the IBM i system. It has many benefits, among them modern and graphical query development tools and output formats, the ability to leverage the powerful SQL Query Engine (SQE) in DB2 for i, a metadata layer to hide database complexities, and a single-server-based implementation that runs natively on the IBM i. The product has been enhanced greatly since this initial release, and on June 15, 2012, IBM made generally available Version 2 Release 1 (V2.1) of IBM DB2 Web Query for i. V2.1 was a milestone version and introduced several new changes that significantly enhance the product: everything from simplified ordering to powerful new functionality. The new version is based on a revamped design that lays the foundation for many future enhancements and includes many features that customers have been asking for.


Feature Article - System Administration
Achieving Lights-Out Automation on Your IBM i Network

While the promise of lights out may be unattainable for most IT departments, achieving a "lights-dimmed" status is well within the reach of most system managers.

Written by CCSS

Editor's Note: This is an introduction to the white paper "Lights Out IBM i Automation" available for free from the MC White Paper Center.


"Lights out," a term used to describe an IT operation that is completely automated, is often viewed as the ideal state of systems management, given the implied cost savings and error elimination it would produce. In reality, environments can sustain lights-out state over selected segments and still benefit substantially. This real-world compromise can still yield more productive time for staff and fewer problems in the immediate and long term.


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