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June 27, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 12


TOP STORY: 10 Things You Need to Know About Document Management
FEATURED ARTICLE: Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime
FEATURED NEWS: MC Press Launches BIG Summer Sale
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Maxava iFoundation Reminds IBM i User Groups June 30 Deadline Approaches for Grant Requests
WHITE PAPER: Disaster Recovery - Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime
FORUM: Netserver Configuration to Allow Mapping Network Drive Will Not Start
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Feature Article - Application Software
10 Things You Need to Know About Document Management

Document Management Systems (DMS) have been in existence for years, decades even, and there is a wealth of information out there. But what do you really need to know?

brian_smithWritten by Brian D. Smith

Here's a top 10 list to get you up to speed on why document management is a highly relevant and powerful solution to help you meet many of the business challenges of today.


Feature Article - System Administration
Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime

Understand the factors that contribute to the cost of downtime and accurately calculate the impact to your organization's bottom line.

Written by Vision Solutions

Editor's Note: This article introduces the white paper "Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


With the ever-increasing reliance of businesses upon their IT systems and electronically stored business data comes an equivalent increase in management's duty to ensure due diligence and fiduciary responsibility with respect to protecting them against all causes of loss or damage. The potential costs of failing to do so can be enormous.


Featured News
Monday Last Day of BIG Summer Sale

Almost 70 titles spanning a large variety of topic areas are on sale for as little as $10.

In the computer industry, the more you know, the more you're worth. That's why people spend $1,000 and up attending a single industry trade show to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Most people have figured out, however, that it's far cheaper to read a book than to go to a conference—and the benefits can be more lasting. For those who want to extend their education in the most economical way possible, the MC Press Bookstore has just launched its biggest sale of the year—the BIG Summer Sale


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