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June 29, 2012 | Volume 9 Issue 26


TOP STORY: The CL Corner: Run-Time Selection Using the RUNSQL CL Command
FEATURED ARTICLE: RPG Isn't Dead, but Where Is it Headed?
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Avoid a System Crash
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Help/Systems Acquires Safestone Technologies
FORUM: Upgrades to Free MMAIL Utility
MC STORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles
EVENT: IBM i Reporting Webinar
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Feature Article - Programming
The CL Corner: Run-Time Selection Using the RUNSQL CL Command

Build the RUNSQL SQL statement on the fly.

bruce viningWritten by Bruce Vining

Last month, in "More on the RUNSQL CL Command," we saw how to select specific records from the SAMPLE database using the RUNSQL command. In that article, we hardcoded the selection criteria of Effective date (EffDate) being earlier than May 1, 2012. This month, we'll look at how to allow a user to interactively specify the Class, Status, and EffDate year values that the user is interested in. This will include the ability for the user to also ignore (that is, not select on) any one or more of these three fields/columns.


Feature Article - Programming
RPG Isn't Dead, but Where Is it Headed?

The immense popularity of PHP is exhilarating, but who will maintain the huge investment in RPG programs?

chris smithWritten by Chris Smith

The second Zend Developer Pulse survey on PHP was released this week, and it provided an interesting foil to the recent discussions on the future of RPG.


Whether or not RPG is dead, dying, alive, or thriving, it's eminently clear that PHP is a thriving language today with new adopters coming on board every day. There are some five million PHP programmers now throughout the world, and the number is growing at a rapid rate. Consider that PHP was "invented" only a decade ago. What is it about PHP that makes it attractive to so many people, including current RPG programmers? Zend put the question to its users, 3,035 of whom returned responses to the survey.


Advertorial - Help/Systems
Partner TechTip: Avoid a System Crash!

Automate your storage analysis and cleanup.

chuck losinskiWritten by Chuck Losinski

In a recent Webinar, we highlighted the fact that if you max out your disk space on IBM i, the system will simply IPL and may delete all your spool files to make room. How inconvenient! Polling during the Webinar indicated that 10 percent of respondents had experienced an automatic IPL because their disk had become full.


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