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June 4, 2008 | Vol 7 Issue 11


In This Issue:

>> Modern Tools for Today's RPG Programmer

>> Qualifying Files and Programs in SOA

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System i Expert Trevor Perry selects WebSmart PHP & Nexus Portal for KMR Systems' Application Modernization - See Why !  Get to the Web faster with WebSmart, the solution thousands of RPG developers use to succeed. Only WebSmart lets you develop System i web apps in PHP or RPG CGI, host on System i, IBM Power Systems, Linux, Unix and/or Windows, access DB2, MS SQL & MySQL.... Read Trevor's comments & Try WebSmart for Free !

Feature Article - Programming
Modern Tools for Today's RPG Programmer

Are you aware of the free (and nearly free) tools that are available to enhance modern RPG application development?

jon_paris.gifBy Jon Paris

Over the last few months, I have spoken at a number of conferences across North America and have just completed System i Developer's first European RPG and DB2 Summit event, which ran in partnership with COMMON Europe. One common thread that emerged from discussions with attendees at these events was a lack of awareness of many of the "modern" things that can be achieved by today's RPG applications. As a result, I decided that in this column I would briefly cover some of the tools, etc. that have piqued my interest in recent years. Since I don't want to turn this into some kind of glorified commercial, I have decided, for the most part, to stick with those options that are free of charge. As you might expect, the vast majority are Web-related, and even a cursory review will demonstrate to you the types of advanced applications that are being developed by the "i" community these days.


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Is DB2 Web Query Your BEST Migration Path???  Watch Randall Munson’s NEW video, “Our Menu Has Changed” for another enlightening, humorous perspective. Then attend our Webinar, “Comparing DB2 Web Query with NGS-IQ” on June 25th and see a demonstration of NGS’ proven business intelligence, performance dashboards, and reporting solutions. Know your options and let NGS show you an easier, cost-effective alternative. Click here to view the video & register for the June 25th Webinar.

Feature Article - Programming
Qualifying Files and Programs in SOA

The library list is powerful, but it presents some difficulties in the new world of SOA; this article shows you how to get around those issues.

joe_pluta.pngBy Joe Pluta

Whenever we open files or call programs in i5/OS (or simply "i" as it is known as of the 6.1 release), we rely on a concept called the library list. With this unique feature of the system, each job is associated with a list of libraries, and these libraries are searched in order when you look for an object, provided that object's name wasn't qualified with a library in the first place.


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